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Service Life of Tiles

- May 30, 2018 -

The normal service life of the popular all-ceramic tile in the market is very long now, and it is not necessary to replace the normal service life of a house (50 years for ordinary residential houses).

Although tile is not as difficult to manage as a wood floor, it is also in need of maintenance. If it is well maintained, it can extend the life of the tile, not only beautiful, but also can save a sum of money.

  1. Timely cleaning

    Many people will feel very easy to clean after carelessly soiling the tiles, but they will not clean them in time. Actually, many things will fall on the ground and will react with the corresponding substances, leading to infiltration into the tiles and not complete Clean up, this will be irreparable, so once the tiles are dirty, they should be cleaned immediately.

  2. Scratch repair

    In the space that often moves around, tiles will inevitably be marked with small marks, which will affect the smoothness of the tiles, and it is not beautiful. At this time, you can use floor wax on small scratches and use a soft cloth to repeatedly Wipe, because the floor wax friction heat will produce crystals, which fill the scratches, play a repair role. In particular, high-grade tiles such as Anwar tiles require only a small amount of floor wax to provide a good repair effect.

  3. From time to time, as far as tiles are concerned, they are almost the same as wood, and they must be cleaned from time to time. The method of cleaning is relatively easy. It can be done with acid-free detergents, and natural detergents are the best. But be sure not to wash with ordinary soap, detergent. Because the general detergent has acid-base corrosion oxidation bright glaze layer. The use of pure natural cleaning products will be even better. For example, Bai Jie powder and white lightning orange oil will be sold in supermarkets. The method is the same as that of mopping the floor. According to the survey, it is best to clean tiles for a week to two weeks.

  4. It is well known that regular waxing floors are waxed. But do you know that marble tiles need to be waxed. Not only can they increase the water resistance and antifouling properties of tiles, but they can also protect against some friction and impact. , on the gloss, can make the tiles more shiny. In general, tiles need only three times a month to wax once, four times a year, to ensure that your tiles can be your mirror.

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