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Several Points for Paving Wall Tiles

- Apr 05, 2018 -

Several Points for Paving Wall Tiles

1.leveling before paving

The foundation should be cleaned before tiling, for example, lime plaster, latex paint, wallpaper, etc. on the wall, or dirt on the ground, must be cleaned, otherwise the cement mortar and the grass-roots layer will not be firmly bonded; in addition, if the wall itself Cracks should be made after proper treatment before tiling, so as to avoid future basic structural cracks leading to cracking or shedding of wall bricks; also cement walls to be napped, for the flatness or verticality gap is too large for the ground, wall surface , but also use cement mortar for leveling treatment.

2.laying the order of stress

Posted floor tiles should be from the inside to the outside, such as the slope of the ground or there are leaks children, should pay attention to the direction of the drainage slope; wall tiles should be laid from the bottom, for the sake of beauty, the bottom of the brick should be posted. After pressing the tiles, press the floor tiles. When there are half bricks, you should try to place them below. In addition, a wall cannot be attached to the top at a time to prevent the tile from being heavy and causing it to fall.

3.wall tiles should be fully immersed

Wall tiles have a high moisture content and must be considered when pasting. The tile base should be fully moistened before it is tiled, and ceramic tiles should also be soaked in water for at least 20 minutes before use. Otherwise, the moisture in the mortar is rapidly absorbed by the dried substrate and tiles and condenses quickly, which affects the fastness of the bond. Wall tiles will also absorb moisture from the cement so that the cement does not function as an adhesive. In addition, the water absorption rate of each type of wall tile is not the same, which depends on the experience to grasp.

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