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[Technology] Common defects in tiles are treated in this way. (I)

- Oct 29, 2018 -

1. Layering

● Analysis of the cause:

(1) powder plasticity is poor.
(2) powder particle gradation is not reasonable.
(3) powder moisture is not reasonable

● Tracking handler:

a. Adjust the amount of plastic material to improve the plastic properties of the powder.
b. Adjust the particle gradation of the powder and the moisture of the powder to improve its flow performance and improve the exhaust effect during the molding process.

2. Cracked tiles

● Analysis of the cause:

(1) The mechanical strength of the brick is too low.
(2) The bricks retain too much water retention and are difficult to dewater.

● Tracking handler:

a. Enhance the amount of plastic material to increase the strength of the brick.
b.Reduce or eliminate the need for too much water retention material to improve the dewatering performance of the brick during production.


● Analysis of the cause:

(1) Skeleton component (SiO2, AL203) is high.
(2) solvent components (Fe, T1, Mg, Ca, K, Na) are too high.

● Tracking handler:

a. Adjust the skeleton composition SiO2: 68-72%: AL203: 17-20% is appropriate.
b. Adjust the solvent composition Ca, Mg, K, Na is controlled at 6-7%.

4.Poor gloss

The formula is unreasonable, the firing range is narrow, and the pores in the body are large, and the density is not high;
Reduce the content of organic matter, improve the composition of elements such as silicon aluminum, potassium, sodium and calcium, expand the firing range, and reduce the porosity of the green body.

5. Black heart, blue

Excessive use of organic black mud in the formula causes the organic matter to be discharged at the time of firing to produce a black heart and blue;
Understand the physical properties and composition of black mud and control the proportion of use. At the time of acceptance, cut thick slices into the kiln and find that the center is black and the return is not used.

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