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[Technology] Common defects in tiles are treated in this way. (II)

- Nov 13, 2018 -

Common defects in tiles are treated in this way.

(6)Flowerless,  flower design not clear

● Analysis of the cause:
1 The tile retains too much water and is difficult to seep.
2 The flower glaze has poor permeability and a large gradient.
3 flower glaze deteriorates and loses permeability.
4 Process parameters such as osmotic temperature and water spray are unreasonable.

● Tracking handler:
a. Adjust the body formula to improve the bleeding effect.
b. Adjust the glaze formula to reduce the oozing gradient and increase the penetration depth.
c. Eliminate the use of metamorphic flower glaze on the line to adjust the performance of the flower glaze.
d. Control reasonable glaze line process parameters and strengthen monitoring.

(7) Sucking dirty

● Reason:
Irregular formula
● Solution:
Check whether the chemical composition of the material in the formulation is within the range, and appropriately reduce the use of organic mud or calcium-containing substances, so that the gas generated during firing is easily eliminated, and the possibility of easy soiling is reduced.

(8) Slurry ball milling time is long

● Analysis of the causes:
1. Stone is too big or too hard.
2. sand contains coarse quartz, too much mica.
3. slurry moisture is not reasonable.
4. The use of ball milling media is unreasonable.
5. ball mill speed is not reasonable.
● Tracking handler:
a. Reduce or not use too much or too hard raw materials.
b. Reduce or eliminate the use of coarse quartz, mica is too high.
c. Adjust the slurry moisture, generally controlled at 33-34% is better.
d. adjust the amount of ball, the general ratio ¢ 30:: ¢ 40: ¢ 50: ¢ 60 is 2: 3: 3: 2 is better. e Adjust the ball mill speed.

(9) Slurry is difficult to sieve

● Analysis of the cause:
1. The slurry flow rate is too large.
2. The slurry is easy to precipitate.
3. The slurry contains fiber and too much mica.
4. The slurry sieve is too large.
● Tracking handler:
a. Adjust the slurry moisture and adjust the ratio or variety of the electrolyte.
b. Improve the sinking and floating performance of the slurry.
c. Reduce or eliminate the need for materials containing too much fiber and mica.
d. Adjust the fineness of the slurry to control the sieve residue within a reasonable range.

(10) Color drop

The storage of raw materials and slurry is not large, resulting in uneven internal temperature of the brick;
The raw materials for the admission should be homogenized, the reserves should be up to one month, and the whole warehouse should be used after being turned over. The ball milled pulp should be placed in a large pool to increase homogenization, and sometimes it can be used in a pool.

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