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The importance of bathroom tiles

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  The importance of bathroom tiles

  If the tiles do not soak the water will take away the cement mortar, reduce its strength, resulting in tile and wall adhesion to reduce the time for a long time prone to tile hollowing and falling off.

  Paving attention to the gap between the tiles and cement mortar density must meet a certain standard.

  Tile empty drums accounted for 5% of the wall surface is the following normal.

  When buying, pay attention to the choice of high-quality tiles, bathroom tiles which is to protect the quality of tiles paving the premise. bathroom tiles As the construction process, the construction staff may be proposed a greater degree of flatness of the wall roughness, the need to take some measures to fill the flat, if you need to increase the cost of some scattered, the best of consumers as much as possible to give support and cooperation.

  The so-called tile tasting is to put the tiles in advance soaked in water for some time, usually in about 2 hours, the actual operation can be based on the specificity of the specific details of the tile analysis.

  Before paving tiles, but also pay attention to the tiles to be soaked in water, so that tiles completely enough water, this is to avoid the tiles of the hollowing and off.

  The traditional tile paving method is the use of cement mortar for paving.

  First of all, bathroom tiles the ratio of cement mortar should be reasonable, the general practice is the volume ratio between the two 1: 1. If in this case, the tiles are still more drums, in addition to workers in the process of paving the technical level is not high, the main reason is that the tiles before the draft is not enough.

  This is done to ensure that the tiles are attached to the wall, the water in the cement mortar will not be tiled away, so as to achieve its highest strength, bathroom tiles in order to prevent the tiles of the hollowing and shedding, which is the main reason for the tile water.

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