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The wall Tiles is finished

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  The wall Tiles is finished

  After the completion of the house decoration, or late decoration, we generally have to repair the quality of a detection and acceptance. And finished tiles, the acceptance of tiles is also an important part, so as to avoid the phenomenon of tiles and other hollowing. So what about the tiles project?

  In the case of

  Method one: visual inspection

  First of all, from a large area to see, look at the wall Tiles roughness, if the wall Tiles has a lot of bending, then further inspection, on the foot. Visual also depends on the brick and brick between the seam is aligned, if not Qi, further check the brick is a foot or the staff posted a crooked. Visual look at the last point to see how to do, too thick does not look good, too thin, and gently touched the porcelain off.

  In the case of

  Method two: check the hollow drum rate

  Traditional crafts, sand + cement paving method, it is prone to hollowing, and the greater the brick, the more likely to appear. Cement itself in the process of paving, the cement will sink to the top, and the cement is flexible, just posted you do not feel empty, and so dry there is empty place. Generally hollowing out the location of the wall Tiles is more of the upper half and four corners, and the location of the corner paving.

  Five-point percussion test method: with metal rods hit the four corners of the tile and the central part of the sound through the issue of the tile to determine whether the hollowing. If the percussion sound more boring, that paving relatively solid is also relatively strong. On the contrary, issued a "pound" crisp sound, that there is no paving firm, there is empty drums.

  Suggestions: wall Tiles tiles are not recommended to have a little bit of empty drums on the paste down to re-paste, in a reasonable range do not waste money, but found a large area of hollowed out must be chop down and then posted.

  In the case of

  Method three: check the yin and yang angle

  If the yin and yang angle of less than 90 degrees standard Huai, directly affect the tiles of paving and hand pots and other items placed, so very important. Check it is very simple: a corner of the brick can be; angle two brick or a brick + by the foot can also be.

  In the case of

  Method 4: Check the height difference and the water gradient

  In general, unless your home in the toilet water at the time of construction than the outside low, otherwise, as long as the sand cement paste on the ground at least 3 to 4 centimeters higher than the outside. Water level test can be used in horizontal scale. Can also be the easiest way to pour water, see the water is not to the leakage in the stream on it.

  In the case of

  Method five: hook

  Must remind the workers, do not dry side of the side of the seam, so that brick inside dry, at least to ensure that after 48 hours, the gap will be handled clean, unified hook. In order to ensure the overall effect of tile paving, tiles need to narrow the width of the same, the best use of plastic cross positioning, or affect the appearance.

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