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Tile cracking, is it poor quality or not paved well ?

- Jun 05, 2018 -

The cracking occurred shortly after the tiles were laid, was the paving process not correct, or was the quality of the tiles is bad ? In this situation, owners and dealers often have different opinions. Most of the owners feel that the tiles are not good, but the construction is also a cause of cracking. In addition to these two aspects, the building itself is also a possible cause of cracking.


How to determine the cause of cracking? Let's take a look at the main causes of brick cracking.

1.Tiles have poor compressive properties.

Cement mortar and tile adhesive will cause certain pressure on the tile during the drying process. If the tile resistance factor fails, it may crack in the process.

2.Cement marking is too high

The strength of the bonding material is too high, causing the tile to break during shrinkage deformation of the cement mortar. According to the technical requirements, the cement and sand should be 1:2 or 1:2.5 so that the adhesive strength can not be shrunk too fast during the drying process.

3.Wall base problems

Tile cracking may also be a problem with the basement itself. This situation is even more pronounced on the wall of a bathroom with a waterproof layer. The waterproof layer of the wall and the plastering layer of the tile appeared detached. The cement mortar shrank and the tile cracked. This situation is not due to the lack of cement mortar adhesion, but the detachment of the entire base layer.

4.New wall deformation

Newly-built walls are easily deformed. In order to reduce the use of lightweight steel keels to build partition walls, many owners will make the deformation more severe and the wall deformation will lead to cracking.


5.Tiles are located at the pipe

In a typical house, the developer will reserve a fume (gas) pipe for each house design. This pipe is made of cement pressure plate. If it is directly attached to the tile, the cement pressure plate shrinks and the pipe heat expands. Shrinking, tiles may crack or even fall off. Therefore, the tile at the pipe location must be attached to the net before paving.

6.Glazed tiles are not soaked in water for enough time 

The soaking process may also be one of the reasons. It is common sense to soak water before laying glazed tiles, but there is no standard for the time to soak. Some high-quality tiles, due to their high density on the bottom surface, need to be soaked in water for at least five hours before they are soaked, which further tests the worker's sense of responsibility. General tile packaging will be marked in detail on the attention of the tile construction, workers should be carefully read before laying.


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