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Tile Paving Skills

- Jan 24, 2018 -

Paving Skills for Tiles

1.Soak in water before applying tile

After the first pre-selected tile back clean up and soaked for more than 2 hours. The purpose of soaking water is to allow the ceramic tile to absorb moisture in advance, so as to prevent the moisture in the adhesive material from being deposited after being applied, which may affect the bonding strength or lead to excessive shrinkage of the bonding material and cause hollowing and debonding. After the tiles are soaked in water, they should be removed from the water before paving and wipe off the surface moisture with a cotton cloth or dry the surface before they can be paved.

2.Before hanging tiles hanging line first.

Paving before the start of the leveling layer should also be suspended in the wall hanging vertical line to determine the size of the ceramic tile out of the wall, and pull the horizontal line, so that both when paving the surface can be smooth, but also to be horizontal and vertical tiles.

3.Set wooden pallet

Paving tiles should be based on the level of the line, set up to support the role of tiles from the wooden pallet. The purpose is to prevent the tiles from falling or shifting before the bonding material has hardened to establish strength.

4.Tiles generally start from the doors and windows.

Paving tiles generally from the corner or door and window side, according to bottom-up, from left to right order. The method of paving is like this, first wet with water leveling layer, with a small gray shovel will be splicing the good bonding material on the back of the tile, and then the tile on the wall, and use a gray shovel handle or rubber hammer tap Tile, so that the adhesive material is packed with the entire gap between the tile and the wall, pay attention to the top of the tile. The mouth should be aligned with the horizontal line. If there is unevenness, the small piece of wood can be adjusted under the tile. After a row of stickers should be used by the ruler to leveling, the tile will be knocked over, the concave to remove the tile to re-paste the paste.

Adhesive materials should not be too thick, otherwise it is not easy to spread, but also should not be too thin, or tile paste can not be fixed, easy to fall.

5.Scrub the surface with 10% diluted hydrochloric acid.

According to the entire glazed tile wall contamination, available 10% dilute hydrochloric acid solution or tap water scrub the surface. If you use dilute hydrochloric acid solution, it should be washed thoroughly with tap water again.

6.Excess material in the tile crevice should be scraped clean.

Paving tiles, tile joints should be promptly scratched the excess adhesive material clean, and wipe the stains on the tile with a damp cloth, do not wait until the bonding material dry hard and then wipe clean, so not only can not be cleaned If you scratch with hard objects will damage the glazed layer. After the adhesive material solidified, you can use white cement, gypsum mortar or paste to brush the seam again, and use the cotton yarn to wipe the mortar, fill.

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