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Tiles Differentiation We See in Bologna

- Sep 30, 2018 -

In different booths, whether it is floor tiles or wall tiles, modern simplicity is still the mainstream, showing a homogenization trend.

From color aspect:

The mainstream white, gray, light gray, dark gray and light black of the ceramic slabs are still the mainstream, but slightly warmer than last year, changing in a simple and elegant direction. The cold industrial winds of the previous two years have been greatly weakened.



Secondly, in terms of wall tiles and small floor tiles, the color of the tiles is still colorful.



Process aspect:

Large board: matte, polished marble, satin coexist, many brands at the same time do high-gloss and satin finish on one tile and two sides.


Floor tiles: matte-based, antique surface dry and semi-throwing, shallow mold antique, in which satin glaze products increase.

China and Italy are also diversifying, but the difference is that Chinese companies are not easy to insist. In order to chase higher profits, it is easy to throw away the special products that they are good at, and they may follow the trend. Of course, they may praise it as "advance with the times." "! The author believes that if a brand's category products are partially transformed due to overcapacity, it is justifiable. However, there are no overcapacity products that cannot be abandoned.

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