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Tiles used in these places, the effect is so good.

- Nov 13, 2018 -

With the constant development of specifications and functions, tiles give us more imagination. In addition to the wall covering, the tile can also open more application modes, cleverly integrated into the home.

Tiles used in cabinet

Kitchen cabinets are prone to oil stains. Waterproof and anti-fouling tiles are used on the countertops, which can greatly reduce the difficulty of cleaning.


Tiles used on Meal table

Heat-resistant and anti-fouling, even if you accidentally drop coffee, juice, oil stains, it will be beautiful after a wipe!


Tiles used on Sink table

Use ceramic tiles to make a bathroom sink, even a wash basin can be used.


Tiles used on stairs

Custom-made stepped tiles are more rounded and natural in corner processing.


Stepped horizontal side paving


Tiles used for Clothes cabinet


Tiles used in Bar

Whether it's a large bar in public places such as cafes, bars, restaurants, or a mini bar that adds to the mood at home, tiles can come in handy.


Tiles used for bathtub

The outer surface of the bathtub is also tiled, which can form a consistent style with the overall space, and the effect is more eye-catching!


Tiles used for Flower stand

The tiles are matched with floral green plants and have a different flavor.


  • Porcelain Marble Tile
  • 600x600 Grey Color Matte Cheap Tiles
  • Sandstone Polished Tiles
  • Monocolor Ceramic Tiles
  • Classic Marble Tile
  • Permeable Brick Pavers

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