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Toilet cleaning is very troublesome?These seven tips can help you!

- Dec 07, 2017 -

Toilet cleaning has always been a headache. Perennial moist water easily lead to moldy odor and other issues, faucets, showers, drains, shower curtains and other locations is more likely to accumulate dirt, but very difficult to deal with. Don't worry, we tell you 7 tips today, allowing you to easily solve the bathroom cleaning problems.

  1. How to clean the shower head ? 


    A common problem with showerheads is that the surface and inner surfaces are easily filled with scale, and the secret weapon to clean is vinegar. The specific method is to mix water and vinegar at a ratio of 1: 1 and pack it with plastic bags up; and then remove the shower head to soak it in plastic bags and sealed; put it aside for half an hour, rinse with hot water, Dirt all disappear!

  2. How to polish the faucet ?


    Apply the shaving cream to the faucet, then wipe with a damp rag and rinse thoroughly. After this simple operation, the faucet will recover as bright as brand new !

  3. How to clean the bathroom mirror ?


    Still with "artifact" shaving cream, wipe the shaving cream with a paper towel to the bathroom mirror, and then wipe the bubble with a wet tissue to the entire mirror, and finally rinse with water.

  4. How to clean the shower curtain ?


    The mycete on the shower curtain are extremely more. Simply scrub with water can not remove them away. Here's a small knack is to add half a cup of baking soda in the washing process, soak for half an hour and then start scrub, and then hang up to dry naturally.

  5. How to clean bathroom tiles ?


    First mix 1: 1 ratio of water and vinegar or bleach, with a spray bottle up. Shake it to fully blend; then spray the liquid in the spray bottle onto the tile. Of course, where there are molds, you can spray more. Note: Let the tile to be air-dried after the spray is finished (this is where the method is clever). Finally, wash the bathroom tile thoroughly with water.

  6. How to remove blocked drain ?


    Throw one or two digestion effervescent tablets into the drainage pipe, such as stomach digestion tablets or various types of vitamin effervescent tablets (of course, f you do not have effervescent tablets, it is also possible to do some baking soda, the effect is the same); and then Pour into a glass of vinegar; rinse the drain a few minutes later with the hot water.

  7. How to clean the toilet ?


    The artifact here is the "effervescent tablets!" Throw in the toilet two effervescent tablets, blisters 15 minutes and then brush the toilet up and down. Then rinse with water, odor and dirt are all washed away !

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