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Wall Floor tiles are different

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  Wall Floor tiles are different

  This two-year purchase of the army has gradually developed to 90, 90 will always emerge a variety of ideas, such as decoration, some 90 after the wall like tiles and mix, although this decoration method Creative, but in the long run, such a mix is not practical.

  The biggest difference between wall and floor tiles

  The biggest difference between floor tiles and wall tiles is water absorption. Generally speaking, wall tiles belong to pottery products, while tiles are porcelain products, their physical properties are different; ceramic tile water absorption rate of about 10%, only 0.5% Porcelain tiles to be many times higher!

  Like the bathroom and the kitchen should be laid with low water absorption floor tiles, because the ground will often wash with plenty of water, the use of porcelain tiles can not be affected by the impact of water vapor, do not absorb stains.

  The general wall is glazed, the moisture content is relatively high, and its back is generally more rough, because it is conducive to the adhesive wall to the wall of the wall. The back of the tiles will be relatively flat, not easy to paste on the wall solid, and the wall will be used on the ground too much water and become difficult to manage, we can see the wall tiles can not mix and match.

  In addition, each brand wall brick water absorption is not the same, this depends on experience to master.

  Why the house after the renovation, the laying of the walls of the walls are wet da da?

  Wall tiles have a high moisture content, in order to avoid the moisture in the mortar is dry grass and the rapid absorption of tiles, rapid condensation, and affect the adhesion fastness. We usually in the brick before the grass will be fully watering, tiles also need to soak in water for at least 20 minutes; In addition, the wall will absorb moisture from the cement, so just laying the wall of the space, Will wet da da da!

  Buy wall and floor tiles, which should pay attention to several aspects?

  1, glazed

  Glazed should be smooth, delicate; glossy glaze should be crystal bright, matte glaze should be soft and comfortable.

  2, color difference

  Will be a few pieces of tile together, carefully observed under the light, a good product color is very small, the color between the products are basically the same; and poor product color difference between the color depth of the product varies.

  3, specifications

  Can be used caliper measurement, good product specifications deviation, paving, the product uniform, straight brick, decorative effect is good. Poor product specifications are large and the size of the product varies.

  4, shape

  Can be directly observed by the naked eye. Requires the product side straight face, such a small deformation of the product, construction convenience, paving the brick after the smooth and beautiful.

  5, pattern

  Color patterns to be delicate, realistic, no obvious lack of color, broken, dislocation and other defects.

  6, hue

  Wall tiles should be coordinated with the surrounding environment, high-rise buildings should not be white or too light-colored decorative wall tiles to avoid the building lack of texture. In the interior decoration, the tiles and the inner wall tiles complement each other.

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