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Wall tiles

- Jan 05, 2018 -

Brick wall (referred to as wall brick) for toilets, kitchen, outdoor balcony facade decoration. Wall tiles is to protect the wall from water splashing . They are used not only for walls, but also for decorating the edges of windows and doors. It is also a fun decorative element. Decorative wall tiles for the baseboard. Both beautiful and wall base is not easy to be stained by shoes or stools. The tiles used for sinks and bathrooms should be beautiful, moisture-proof and wear-resistant.


Basic Profile



Different rooms, suitable for different wall tiles, the choice is based on the shape and size of the room structure and the indoor lighting is good or bad. According to the specifications, there are 200mm × 300mm, 200mm × 280mm, 200mm × 260mm, 250mm × 250mm ......

External wall tiles as a kind of tile, with super function. It does not adsorb dirt, long-term use will not deteriorate, also have strong resistance to acid rain. External wall materials compared with other exterior materials itself is a strong anti-pollution building materials. Such as: almost no water, do not absorb dirt; at high temperatures above 1000 firing, semi-permanent does not deteriorate; super acid and alkali resistance. But affected by the use of state, the outer wall of the dirt will occur. According to Inai's survey of antifouling materials for exterior wall tiles, almost all of the dirt and dirt that accumulate due to flue gas, soot and sand dust are concentrated around the window frames. Black spots and other eye-catching.

Internal wall water absorption is relatively high, after absorbing water color, under normal circumstances, to be dry wall, the color will be eliminated. External walls are acid and alkali test, immersed in 10% acid, alkali solution does not change color before they leave the factory, the general pool to add bleach, its acidity is low, will not produce corrosion on the tile.


Wall often corner of the wall, the junction off, for which there are all kinds of colorful tiles for the corner parts to meet the continuity requirements. Circular wire foot bricks commonly used as the bottom row to round the wall and the floor of the seams, but also can be used as pool trim and interior and exterior corner veneer. Exterior corner tiles for wall and ceiling junctions and a wide range of tiles for the corner between wall and baseboard. To make the wall surface stitching seamline is not easy, many manufacturers are available from the wall tiles and tiles to connect the corner tiles complete sets of tiles to choose from. If you place a large sill on a plant or other collection, laying tiles on it is a good fit. The tiles are also suitable for windows in greenhouses, absorb heat and reflect to plants, and are easy to clean.

Due to the excellent fire resistance of the tiles, the various parts of the decorative fireplace are often used. In addition to the fireplace decoration of their own landscaping, the entire room design also played a strong decorative. Mantel design a wide range, from the surface to the interior decoration, to play a person's creativity provides a vast space. These tiles can also be used to decorate the appearance of the chimney, thereby enhancing the integrity of the design.


Wall tiles is to protect the wall from water splashing . They are used not only for walls, but also for decorating the edges of windows and doors. It is also a fun decorative element. Decorative wall tiles for the baseboard. That is, beautiful wall base is not easy to protect shoes or tables and chairs stool can be dirty. The tiles used for sinks and bathrooms should be beautiful, moisture-proof and wear-resistant. High degree of bright and clean walls, the choice of color patterns and diverse, and bricks than light, thin. Glazed tile wall to ensure water resistance, and has good anti-pollution ability. Tiles are a kind of wear-resistant, waterproof, beautiful and easy to clean materials. Because the wear resistance requirements are not as strict as floor tiles, so the choice of species is more abundant. Ceramic tiles of low water absorption, corrosion resistance, anti-aging ability. Especially its special moisture resistance, scrub resistance, weatherability, is irreplaceable of other materials, its low price, rich colors, home decoration in the kitchen, bathroom, balcony wall ideal decoration materials.




Decorative tiles used for wall decoration, can be divided into two categories.

First, glazed tiles.

The surface of this brick is coated with a layer of colored glaze, which is processed to make it rich in color change. It is especially easy to clean and maintain, mainly used for wall decoration of kitchen and bathroom.

1, Glazed wall tiles.

Commonly known as tiles, because in the fine ceramic surface hung a layer of glaze, so called glazed tiles. Glazed tiles glazed smooth, colorful patterns, a monochrome, printing, high-level artistic patterns. Glazed tiles with non-smog, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean features, so more for the kitchen, bathroom. Glazed tiles have higher water absorption (the national water absorption rate is less than 21%). After the ceramic body absorbs water and expands, the surface glaze with small moisture absorption expands under the condition of tension and pressure. Long-term freezing and thawing will cause peeling.

2, Colored glazed ceramic wall tiles.

Referred to as Caiyou brick, the surface has beautiful glazed colors and patterns. State regulations such products, the water absorption rate of not more than 10%, because the expansion of fine ceramic body hygroscopic expansion of small, and glazed can be well combined, so high strength, can be used for the ground can also be used for the wall.

Ceramic sleeve brick shape and more rectangular, erected when in use, can increase the visual decoration after the height. There are 60 mm × 240 mm, 100 mm × 200 mm, 115 mm × 240 mm, 150 mm × 200 mm, 150 mm × 225 mm, 200 mm × 300 mm and other specifications, the thickness of 6 to 10 mm, Can choose according to need.

Second, the whole body wall brick.

Hard texture, impact resistance, anti-aging, do not fade, but mostly single color, mainly for balcony wall decoration.

Also known as homogeneous brick, whole body brick, vitrified brick. Brick sintering temperature is high, good degree of porcelain. Less than 0.5% water absorption, hygroscopic expansion is very small, so the brick flexural strength, wear resistance, acid, no color, long life. Freeze-thaw cycle at -15 ℃ ~ 20 ℃ 20 times no visible defects.

The whole body brick is mostly strip shape, should be horizontal paste when used, giving a steady sense of solidity, 45 mm X95 mm, 45 mm × 195 mm, 50 mm × 100 mm, 50 mm × 150 mm, 50 mm X200 mm, 60 mm × 240 mm and other specifications, the thickness is generally 6 to 8 mm, can be selected according to need.

Quality identification should mainly grasp the following points:

(1) Dealers should request the product quality inspection certificate and quality inspection reports.

(2) Perform visual inspection on the spot and observe the obvious quality defects such as lack of sleeves, spots, cracks, axles and ripples, and definitely do not have the above defects.

(3) hand detection. The two bricks clashed with each other after the fingers hit the sound crisp and loud for the qualified products, the voice of low and dull must have inherent quality defects.

(4) to identify the color difference. As a large number of wall tiles purchased, if there is obvious color difference between multiple packages, the decoration effect is very affected. To compare the sampling of all packaged products, observe the change of color difference, the color difference can not be selected.

(5) To test the size of the specifications one by one, the size of the error is greater than 0.5 mm, flatness greater than 0.1 mm of the product will not only increase the difficulty of construction, while the decoration after the poor, can not be used for engineering.

(6) Listen to the sound. Fight with hard objects, the more crisp sound, the higher the degree of porcelain, the better the quality. Can also be the left thumb, index finger and middle finger folder tile corner, easily hanging down, with the right index finger tap the lower part of the tile, such as sound clear, sweet top grade, such as sound boring, stagnation for the next product.

(7) drip test. The water drops can be on the back of the tile to see how quickly the water infiltrates after it has spread. In general, the slower the water absorption, the greater the density of the tile; on the contrary, the faster the water is absorbed, indicating a sparse density.

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