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What is the difference between a ceramic tile worth 10 dollars and a few hundred dollars?

- Jun 05, 2018 -

Many consumers buy tiles, they will be confused by a phenomenon that looks exactly the same tiles, and some stores sell dozens of blocks, and some stores sell hundreds of pieces, sales staff all said to be hype, it sounds very reasonable. There is a way for amateurs to watch lively, and an insider looks at the doorway.

1.Origin is different

China's east China and Guangdong provinces are rich in ceramic tile brands. They are very particular about raw materials, processes, and production equipment. The quality of ceramic tiles produced is relatively stable, and the prices in the market are relatively high. They locate high-end and finely-managed products. , high product quality standards, product market prices are very easy to understand. However, in the past ten years, the ceramic industry throughout the country has blossomed. Many ceramic brands in Guangdong and East China have set up factories in the foreign production areas. With the advantages of location, logistics and raw materials, the prices of products have decreased slightly.

2.Different process recipes


Different factory processes are not the same, the equipment used is also different, and the stability of the tiles produced is quite different. For example, a certain brand combines processes such as rollers, screens, and ink jets in the process, and the imitators in general imitate this process and need to pay a high cost. Some of the privately-run factory is an ink-jet machine that imitates most of China's glazed polished tiles. They have no research and development expenses, simple equipment, and rough processes. The products thus produced are of course cheap. Now there are many dealers who own OEM production, what products popular on the market to do what products, like the LV bag is too expensive a tens of thousands, someone to imitate the same LV, the price is only a few hundred, but Differences in quality, workmanship, and labor time are quite different.

3.The equipment is not the same


Good kung fu must have good weapons, good tile technology requires good machine equipment, to produce large 600 * 1200 tiles can be many manufacturers, but to produce 1800 * 3200 large board is not the general factory can do, I heard that the 40,000 tons of presses currently producing super-large plates have 4 domestic machines. This is a symbol of strength and quality assurance. Some manufacturers in order to improve the product quality and stability, spend heavily to transform the furnace, do multi-layer dryers, and even manufacturers with continuous ball mill system, a set of costs on the tens of millions, small plants are unbearable, and there are some small plants With the equipment used, a lot of lagging behind, the press is a few thousand tons, so the quality of the tiles produced is not stable, and of course the price is cheap.

4.Brand positioning is not the same

Production, craftsmanship, equipment, etc. will all involve the positioning of the brand, and ultimately show the price. Some brands are doing high-end consumer groups, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and the like, some are mid-range positioning such as Volkswagen, Ford, and finally low-end positioning Po Chun and the like. High-end brands sell value, and low-end brands sell prices. Although the two brick designs all have the same specifications, the high-end positioning brands are hundreds of blocks, while the low-end brands have dozens of blocks, and even lower and lower Doubt life. The general brand of polished tiles 600*600 need 30 yuan, while the low-end is about 10 yuan, the spread is more than 3 times.

5.Service is not the same

Although the prices of some brands may seem high, people's services are indeed in place, ranging from pre-sales enthusiasm services to sales, and to after-sales services. Free room, free design drawings, free shipping and so on are very warm, and some low-priced products, not only do not have these services, quality problems are endless, color to yin and yang color, there are some businesses in order to fight the price war, low The price trapping customers, customers need to transport their own home, but also asked people to move upstairs, not to mention free replenishment, so someone lamented that since the marriage has regretted two things, the first thing is to marry wrong The second thing is to buy a low-priced brick.

6.The channel is not the same

Tiles are not toothpaste toothbrushes used every day, some people can not use a few times a lifetime tiles, of course, little attention to ceramic tiles, when most of the renovation to listen to the designer's recommendations, some high-end brands of ceramic tiles through the designer channel sales of products, attached Designers sell ceramic tiles at a price, which is the rebate problem that is often concerned in society. Some brand businesses give designers a very high point, reaching 30 points or more, so that the price of ceramic tiles is certainly expensive. Although the price is expensive, but the dealer does not make any money, just like working with designers. Therefore, in the ceramic tile sales process, salespersons often tell customers privately that when they buy bricks, they should not come with designers. Bringing designers to view bricks will pay a high price.

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