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What is the difference between water-proof tiles and permeable tiles?

- May 24, 2018 -

  1. The impervious ceramic tile technology principle: Glazed wall tiles have the concept of whether it is water-permeable, completely impervious to water refers to the brick after the water immersed glaze can not see the watermark. The completely impervious glazed inner wall brick and the ordinary glazed inner wall brick are composed of three parts: the surface glaze, the base glaze, and the blank body, but the core difference between the two is the bottom glaze layer. The impervious glazed inner wall tile adopts the world's top-notch “two-way barrier waterproofing” technology with national patent protection and is developed by integrating high-quality natural inorganic polymer special materials to prepare the bottom glaze layer. Such bottom glaze opacity High density, high hiding power, complete barrier to water and water-soluble liquid from brick surface and base, excellent waterproof, anti-oil, anti-fouling, anti-cement, moisture-proof and other excellent characteristics.

  2. Permeable tiles, and products without waterproof function, the following three phenomena will occur:

    A:one piece of tile in the uneven absorption of water under the glaze will appear color, the watermark.

    B:If the ventilation conditions are not the same, different angles and the tiles on the upper and lower wall are inconsistent in dryness and wetness to form a color difference.

    C:If the color difference is serious and no improvement for a long time may result in rework.

  3. Water-permeable tiles also have advantages:

    Wall water pipes cause water seepage due to cracking and other factors. The use of water-permeable glazed wall tiles is easy to find, and timely maintenance. Therefore, when using completely impervious tiles, hidden works such as water pipes and waterproofing must be perfect.

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