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Why are 750×1500mm tiles becoming more and more popular?

- May 23, 2018 -

In the just-passed Foshan Ceramic Exhibition and China Pottery Fair, the large slabs of 900×1800 mm and larger can be said to be the highlight of the show.

The larger and bigger ceramic tile product specifications are hot topics in the industry. However, in this wave of large plates, there is a product specification that is not even recognized by the “big plate” ranks—the 750×1500mm is quietly rising.


750X1500mm tile has sprung up like bamboo shoots after rain, and even many people in the industry believe that 750×1500m tile will become another major size after 900×900mm and 600×1200mm.


1.Large size and more decorative

Undoubtedly, the current domestic and foreign ceramic tile specifications are developing in an increasingly larger direction. It is generally believed that a size exceeding 900×900 mm can be called a large-size product. The large specifications represented by 900×900 mm and 600×1200 mm have become the mainstream product specifications of the market in a few short years. Since 2016, large-size boards of 1200×2400mm, 1600×3200mm and even 2400X3600mm with sizes of 900×1800 mm and larger have been sought after by domestic manufacturers.

2.900x1800mm is too expensive, while 750x1500mm is just all right.

Since large-scale decorative products are superior, isn't a bigger board larger than 900×1800mm or better? How can the 750 x 1500mm "reverse car" become popular after the big board?

Yes, ceramic large plates of 900 × 1800mm and larger are well-laid. Everyone likes it, but when it comes to prices, many people can only sigh.

750 × 1500mm large-size tiles, decorative effect, do not lose too much 900 × 1800mm, and whether it is transport, paving with the traditional specifications of the product is almost, more importantly, the terminal price is only 900 × 1800mm per square equivalent About half of it.

Some brands said: Can not give up 80% of the market for the needs of 20% of the crowd, both to show the big size of the charm, the price is 750 × 1500mm specifications that most consumers can accept to show its unique advantages.

3. 750x1500 mm tiles are in accordance with the building modulus gold specifications, reduced cutting

The reason why the 750×1500mm specification tiles can be easily promoted and accepted like 900×900mm and 600×1200mm, and compliance with the building module is also an important factor. Therefore, it is also called the gold specification.

The value of the basic modulus is specified as 100mm. The entire building or part of it and the modular dimensions of the building assembly should be multiples of the basic modulus. The horizontal expansion modulus base number is 3M, 6M, 12M, 15M, 30M, 60M, etc.; the vertical expansion modulus base number is 3M, 6M two.

4.Manufacturers want differences, Designers want  feel.

The popularity of 750×1500mm tile is not only the impetus that consumers just need, but also the changes that manufacturers have made in order to seek differentiation. 900 × 900mm too much, 900 × 1800mm crowd is too limited and the input requirements are too high, that 750 × 1500mm is appropriate.

In addition, the new specifications, especially the long-form specifications that are more visually extended, also give designers more possibilities for spatial matching.

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