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Why is satin tiles worth buying ? (Part II)

- Jul 18, 2018 -

1.Made with satin glaze


Satin Glaze:

This type of glaze is specially developed by the company. It is characterized by softness and soft light effect. However, the biggest characteristic of satin tiles is that the surface of the product is delicate and soft, and the hair color is good. The natural gloss of the surface is generally 8-18 degrees, having a good antifouling effect.

The main materials of the satin glaze are potassium feldspar, kaolin, quartz, alumina, burnt talc, and zinc oxide. The raw materials are added, and carboxymethyl cellulose and sodium tripolyphosphate are added. Water is added, and the mixture is ball milled in a ball mill. After 325 mesh sieve, it is made into satin glaze. The tiles made with this type of glaze are satin glazed tiles!

2.Not a soft tile

Satin tiles are developed on the basis of soft-light tiles, but the glazed effect of satin tiles is lower than that of soft-light tiles, and the glaze is more soft and silky, nicknamed its satin.

3.Satin tile is a higher level antique tile product


At present, the appearance of soft-light tiles on the market has quickly caught the eye of consumers who once fell into the aesthetic fatigue of polished tiles and glazed tiles. In particular, with the "lower brightness, more comfortable" aura, it is more in line with everyone's standards and definitions of green products.

It is also because of this smooth and delicate and comfortable texture. In just half a year, the satin bricks ushered in the attention of major companies, and some companies have successively launched different brightness levels and different specifications of satin. product. Satin tiles, belonging to antique tiles, are high-grade antique tiles with market potential!

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