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Why need to retain seams when paving tiles? (Part II)

- Jul 12, 2018 -

6. Slits are more likely to be dirty and difficult to clean


Choosing a fine seam, the gap will also be filthy, and it will be more difficult to clean.

On the contrary, the caulking material is usually used after the tile of the normal seam is laid, and there is a special grout cleaning agent on the market, so daily cleaning and maintenance is not difficult.


In terms of seamless concepts


7.Seamless tiles are not really "seamless"

“Seamless tile” In the production process, the natural edge is finished and the corners are more uniform. However, from the physical properties of the tile itself, the paving and application process will still be affected by the cement tension and thermal expansion and contraction. So you still need to have a slit.


8.Seamless tiles require higher construction

The technical requirements for the fine seaming are higher, and the control of the cross stitch and the wrong table is more strict. When the whole tile cannot be used due to the area problem or the yin and yang angle during the construction, the cutting tile has high technical requirements. If the tile layer's experience or skill is insufficient, it is difficult to guarantee the best paving effect.


In terms of tile material

9.The seam can reduce the influence of the error of the tile itself.

Due to uncontrollable factors in production, the values of length, straight angle and straightness of each tile are not absolutely consistent. The slight error in the standard range is not awkward and does not have a significant impact on the paving effect. The appropriate seaming can further weaken the seam deflection caused by such fine errors.


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