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Will 800x800mm size be weeded out in future ?

- Nov 08, 2017 -

Some people say that as the future trend of tiles development, 900x900mm will become the mainstream; 600x600mm will stay, while 800x800mm may be weeded out, is this true ?


Actually products in 800x800mm size dont suite for the construction module. What is construction module ? According to <The standard of adjustment in construction module > GBJ2-86, issued in the year 1986 by The Ministry of Environmental Protection of Urban and Rural Construction : the basic construction module is 100mm, its symbol is M, 1M equals 100 mm. Module bases of horizontal expansion are 3M,6M,12M,15M,30M,60M and corresponding sizes are 300mm,600mm,1200mm,1500mm,3000mm,6000mm. Module bases in vertical expansion are 3M and 6M, with corresponding sizes in 300mm and 600mm.


Therefore,being one kind of material of construction, sizes for tiles should be integral multiple of 300mm.

Most of tiles manufactures in China didnt consider this when they developed the design and sizes.


In the year 2010,the Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural issued JG/7 267-2010- new principal of sizes in tiles. But this standard is only recommended,not forced to tiles manufactures.

So in short time it is not practical to carry out strict construction module.

Only with standard construction for building, relevant decoration industry can also get standard and popular.


So 800x800mm size will still maintain certain proportion as habitual products in  tiles future market.

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