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Wood Effect Tiles

- Dec 25, 2017 -

Wood effect tiles are one kind of new environmental-friendly building materials which have wooden texture on the surface. There are two kinds of wooden tiles : original edge (directly packaged after firing and no need to make cutting) and rectified edge ( cut from original foursquare size ) . Both of these two edged tiles have their advantages and disadvantages.

Main features of wood effect tiles :

1. Having verisimilitude, clear and vivid texture and design of real wood.

2. More wearable and not fade after long time’s use.

3. Easy to be maintained, saving our time for daily house cleaning.

4. Being flame retardant,guarantee our safety.

5. Being non-corroding,favored by consumers as green and environmental friendly  materials.

6. Anti-humidity

7. Anti-pollution

Wooden tiles have verisimilitude texture and we can get real feeling like touching on real wood floor. Original Ecology Wooden Tiles can meet people’s sensory request on real wood. The adobe bricks are pressed and shaped by Italian pressing machine and glaze materials are imported from Spanish famous brand Torrecid . Mosh Degree of our porcelain full body wooden tiles reaches to Grade 7, which is even higher than grade 5 or 6 for polished tiles. So this kind of tiles are more wearable, non-fading, no color change after long time use. Because of our full porcelain body, dirty liquid like tea water, coffee, and even inks cannot be absorbed into the surface, it is more easier for cleaning. 

Wood effect tiles can be widely used in tea house, antique store, boxroom,stairs, living room, bed room, study room, balcony, bathroom and so on, creating a special and private space for you .



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