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Wood tiles suitable for bedrooms.

- Dec 10, 2018 -

A pleasant bedroom achieves a restful sleep. How to create a bedroom with perfect comfort when decorating? Choosing wood grain bricks will be as you wish. The texture of solid wood and the natural and rustic style will definitely give you the best space to rest.

A variety of colors, more options !

Light color, beige, brown, red brown... These common wood colors can be perfectly reproduced by wood tiles.

White, gray, milky white, etc., suitable for simple and elegant bedroom space. Although the color is light, the effect is not faint.


Beige wood grain, with a bit of a bright, pleasant feeling.


The brown wood grain may not be bright enough, but it is more simple.


Gray colors, simple and cool.


The reddish-brown wood grain is deep, and is more suitable for use in traditional style.


In addition to these classic woods, wood grain tiles can also use more scarce precious wood as a texture template, black, purple, green, blue and other colors can be made, the color is more abundant!


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