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70% Have Been Eliminated! Gaoan Supporting Enterprises Step Into The Era Of Shuffling.

- Aug 06, 2018 -

Gao'an's accessory products came into being with the large-scale production of ceramic tiles. However, the number of supporting enterprises in Gao'an production area has been greatly reduced. The remaining supporting enterprises are eager to open up two major channels of accessories and supporting, but they also face enormous challenges.

Before 2008, there were few companies doing accessories in Gao'an production area, and the products were relatively single.

After 2010, with the rise of some ceramics companies, Gao'an has appeared in the corresponding supporting enterprises, most of which are waistline and flower decoration tiles.

In 2007, Gao'an production area popularly produced oozing tiles, and the footwork of pottery land came into being. The clay accessories at that time were basically black, mainly 600×600 (mm) and 800×800 (mm).

In 2012, the replacement of permeable tiles with vitrified tiles became the mainstream of new ceramic tile products in Gao'an production area.

In 2014, after the glaze products such as diamond glazed tiles and marble tiles were replaced by vitrified tiles, the inkjet skirts appeared.

  • Grey Color 4 Faces Sand Slate Matt Tile
  • Full Polished Glazed Porcelain Floor Tile Gray Color
  • Stone Slip-Resistant Floor Tile
  • 800x800mm/32x32'' Microcrystal Tiles
  • 600x600mm/24x24'' Terrazzo Polished Porcelain Tiles
  • Marble Look Glossy Ceramic Wall Tile

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