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Bathroom Wall Tiles How To Choose?

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  Bathroom wall tiles how to choose?

  In the home decoration, the selection of wall tiles is also very particular about it not only as a decorative use, choose a good tile, make your mood more comfortable. Especially the bathroom wall, because the bathroom is very large moisture, so the choice and use of the wall must be particularly stress. So, how do you choose the bathroom wall? Take a look!

  1, see density

  In the purchase of wall tiles, by observing the side of the wall flatness, see the surface of the wall is inconsistent with the thickness of the pinhole. In the detection of wall density, the general can gently tap the wall to see if the sound of the percussion is crisp. If the sound is crisp, it shows that the density of the wall is higher, and the hardness is higher. Choose this bathroom wall is not easy to damage, but also conducive to cleaning.

  2, look at the color

  Bathroom wall color, according to the overall style of the bathroom to choose tiles. Secondly, we can also choose their favorite color. But for many small units of the family, the bathroom wall color is best to choose light-colored, and should not choose the dark line. And light can reflect the line of sight effect, so that the bathroom looks more spacious and bright.

  3, see the degree of glaze

  When buying tiles, by judging the thickness of the wall surface glaze layer to identify. You can scratch the surface of the tile with a hard object, if there is scratches, then the glaze is insufficient. Wait until the thinner glaze layer on the surface of the wall is polished, the brick surface will be easy to hide, harder to clean, and lack of safety. And some glazed tiles, generally unfit to be paved in a humid and confined environment, because the walls of the stomata on the stomatal water vapor, resulting in can not diverge, it wall tiles lead to the emergence of mold.

  4, see the water absorption

  The bathroom was originally a wet place, so the purchase of wall tiles, we must pay attention to the water absorption of tiles. If the wall of the water absorption is high, it will cause the toilet is not easy to dry the phenomenon. In general, the higher quality of the wall, the water absorption is low, so that the wall after the water can quickly dry. We can measure the moisture absorption of the wall, you can drop in the back of the wall of a drop of water, put it aside for a few minutes, observe the spread of water droplets, if the spread of water droplets larger, then the wall tiles of the higher water absorption , Poor quality, not to buy.

  Bathroom in the home, is a relatively humid space, in the decoration of the wall tiles when the floor have to choose to tile, because of its strong waterproof and other characteristics, is the first choice for decoration of the bathroom.

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