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Floor Tiles In The Home Decoration

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  Floor Tiles in the home decoration, according to a very important position. Not only the bathroom, kitchen, balcony floor and ultimately it, and the foyer, restaurant, living room often need

  Decorated with Floor Tiles. Therefore, the quality of Floor Tiles and inlaid quality will directly affect the housing quality of the shelter, the overall appearance and use of the function. Then the quality of the floor tile maintenance should pay attention to what links? Can be used to detect the following three strokes.

  one look

  There are many varieties of Floor Tiles

  According to the variety and process can be divided into glazed Floor Tiles, anti-skid brick, Floor Tiles, polished Floor Tiles, micro-brick, Floor Tiles and other Floor Tiles. Quality level is also very much: sub-excellent, qualified products, and other foreign goods. The quality of the Floor Tiles and the quality of their own paste through the careful observation, often "original form": Floor Tiles surface cracks uneven, uneven edges and Floor Tiles surface layer is bright, but glaze layer or glaze layer in the freckles freckles or glaze Surface color color, the general can determine the quality of the Floor Tiles themselves, are necessary to replace the secondary goods. In addition, the quality of the tile decoration is mainly to see whether the overall surface flatness is greater than 2 mm in the range of 2 meters long. Is the height of the seam between the brick and the brick greater than 0.5mm, and whether the straightness of the joint is over 5 meters 3 mm, where more than the above range are the quality of decoration are different.

  Two knock

  Check the Floor Tiles inlaid with or without hollowing

  Maintenance methods are usually used special steel hammer or small hammer, small iron bar, around the room lightly cracked the four corners of the Floor Tiles and the middle of the Floor Tiles to detect whether the empty drums. Sound crisp, as if the sound of floating as empty for the drum, indicating that the quality of the decoration is not true, you must promptly eradicate the replacement. In the inspection, the hollow drum Floor Tiles on the mark and found the Floor Tiles are broken, the phenomenon of the edge of the signs have to be replaced. With a test room division told reporters that some decorating companies tend to "a small amount of empty drums in the scope of the quality of the promise" to mislead consumers, it is contrary to the laws and regulations. To remind the owners to pay attention to rights.

  Three spilled

  May wish to splash water test

  Floor Tiles on the balcony, bathroom, kitchen and there is a drainage slope requirements. Check the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, whether the ground potholes, to the water is smooth, pour a lot of water will know. This road "process" can be put into the final, until the other items are finished, filled with water equipment spilled on the ground, wait a moment, where the water to show where the Floor Tiles are uneven, or to water slope Not enough

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