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How Is The Floor Tile Construction More Secure And Firm?

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  How is the floor tile construction more secure and firm?

  The tiles on the wall, is the recent popular up the way of decoration. Compared to the wall tiles, tiles have richer colors and more optional types, especially the whole cast glaze, microcrystalline stone and other types of tiles, colorful, smooth surface, many people used as a backdrop decoration, its vision The effect is indeed difficult to achieve the ordinary wall or paint. But for a lot of people engaged in the floor tile on the wall to the decoration of the user, this emerging process there are some unknown and doubt, such as the wall is much heavier than the tiles, long time posted on the wall will not Loose drop it? For the kitchen where the fumes are heavy, can the tiles have better anti-fouling capacity than walls?

  First, the tiles and pavement shop which is different?

  As the tiles and wall design of the original intention of different, the same volume of floor tiles heavier than the wall. Dense, heavy weight of the floor tiles should be with the ground fit, relying on their own weight and ground to the prison, but on the wall, weight has become a big trouble. In addition, for the wall decoration of the tiles are porcelain bricks, that is, less than 0.5% water absorption of the brick, the previously mentioned all cast glaze, microcrystalline stone and so belong to this category. The water absorption of the wall is usually about 10%, before the paving in the full soaking, after the full combination of water and clay, ordinary wall can be firmly fixed on the wall. And very low water absorption of floor tiles, can not be soaked to make it sufficient water to achieve the degree of adhesion with the wall. Based on the above two points, floor tiles on the wall is bound to be completed in accordance with the way the ordinary wall.

  Second, the tiles on the wall what the use of paving the process?

  At present, there are two common paving methods, respectively, dry and wet shop.

  Dry shop: first in the brick body on the back of the grinding groove, buried in copper wire, fixed with structural adhesive, and then through the structural glue and wall wood keel fixed. This pavement is usually used to lay the TV backdrop. Generally in the location of the TV backdrop to do a wooden keel, and then sealed twelve PCT board or more than nine layers of laminates; then in the top of the tiles on the back of the slot, hanging copper wire; the tiles to do the location, in the corresponding position above the fixed screw And the copper wire is fixed (here copper wire is equivalent to tile insurance belt); Finally, the structural plastic smear on the back of the tiles, paving directly.

  Wet shop: the general steps and the same dry shop method, but the wet shop method is the use of cement + fine sand cement mortar will be laying on the concrete wall, in the laying of the wall before the first hair to increase friction. floor tile The specific process is as follows:

  In addition, the back of the new tiles will have a lot of powder, must be dealt with before paving clean. Even if the floor of the water absorption is small, but also full soaking, paving at least soak for more than 2 hours before. As the process is relatively cumbersome, the same area of the brick floor of the artificial cost is usually more than 2 times the direct paving.

  Third, the tiles of anti-fumes What exactly?

  Recently heard a statement, tiles can not be used as a kitchen wall, its resistance to pollution as wall. I do not recommend the use of such tiles as a wall of a kitchen or bathroom for deflagility that may not be sufficient for quintiles and tiles with no glaze protection on the surface. For glazed tiles, our evaluation team has tested a lot of products, their resistance to oil pollution has a cognitive: floor tile glazed tiles (including microcrystalline stone) due to the surface of the glazed protection, completely closed the surface of the brick body Stomata, so the surface of the oil resistance is very good, and the surface of the glazed wall than the same, there is no disadvantage.

  It can be seen, the tiles on the wall, in the technical level can be achieved, but need to pay close attention to the construction process of the process and construction methods. If the time in the pavement cut corners, a long time is likely to cause hollowing, and even brick off, heavy tiles fell from the wall, is a big security risk. floor tile So I suggest that if you have to tile on the wall of the plan, then the construction must be in person at the scene, to control the quality of the project, do a good job of copper wire embedded insurance, so that the use of the future in order to be assured. In addition you can also disassemble the tile size, cut into different sizes, breaking the original specifications of the same paving method, free to create. This is both the lighting of the living space, but also increase the indoor Smart, is a very innovative way of decoration.

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