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Identify The Quality Of The Floor Tiles Can Start With These Aspects

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  Identify the quality of the Floor Tiles can start with these aspects

  1. Weight: that is, in the hands of the trial, with the specifications of the brick the more the better, because it means that the density is high, naturally more pressure,

  2. Do some small tests, including resistance to stroke, water, pressure, anti-skid, seepage and other tests:

  Scorpion: take a hard object in the brick surface draw, if still bright as new is a good brick. Remember to be in advance and businessmen say good and then Kazakhstan;

  Water absorption: splashing water on the brick to see the water infiltration rate. The slowness of the infiltration is good bricks, because it means that it is denser and porcelain is more compact. Wait 5 minutes after the water wipe off to see if there is traces of water. No trace is good. Here to plug the kitchen and toilet, because the kitchen is a ceramic Floor Tiles, so high water absorption. Here, the water poured on the kitchen and toilet, the pouring down to no water so far, 5 minutes to see if it will go through to the surface. If you can say through the glaze thin, and the density is low, the quality is not good, some brick from the back of a pouring, in turn from the front can see the water stains, this glazed Floor Tiles is absolutely can not be. Floor Tiles are generally not water do not do drip test.

  Also take the mark on the brick, 10 minutes after the wipe to see if there are traces. It is good to have a good mark. And test pressure, slippery, then, as long as their stand up to try it, the Floor Tiles to sprinkle some water to see if it is not anti-slip like. Floor Tiles, especially the kitchen and bathroom, must see the anti-skid is not enough There is one of the most simple way: is to test the Floor Tiles to put a few pieces to the ground, and then pour some water above the Floor Tiles, walk in the Floor Tiles to try. Sometimes the light is touched by touch. Toilet Floor Tiles non-slip, but off, every time when the barefoot standing on the Floor Tiles are treading on the thin ice, the bath had to quickly think of the water pier clean. Home with the elderly and children, then even more attention to the anti-skid performance of the Floor Tiles.

  3. Flatness: look at the size is not neat. Buy Floor Tiles for the beautiful, in addition to the color that the most important indicator is to Floor Tiles as much as possible to the same size. This is a professional term called footage. The smaller the foot difference, the higher the accuracy of the Floor Tiles side, the better the effect after paving, not only easy to construction, but also save time and accessories. Test method is very simple, to the building materials city to find two pieces of the same type of Floor Tiles samples, face to face together, according to the light to see, if uneven light leakage, high quality can not see the light, look at the four corners are not coincident , The quality of the difference is very small, after the end, to turn the glazed Floor Tiles, so that all sides of the glazed Floor Tiles are about. We can see a few can be good or bad. You can let the sales to help you take out a few pieces of Floor Tiles on the ground, while aligning to see how much difference between the other side. This can enlarge the gap, if the foot is too large to prove that the small factory goods, but off, simply do not want to.

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