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Invitation: 2018 China Ceramic Tile Industry Summit Forum

- Aug 27, 2018 -

To:Dear guests

In 2018, the ceramic industry has changed, the brand concentration is getting higher and higher, and the two levels are seriously divided!

dismal! Downturn! Let us survive and feel sleepless. From the terminal to the king to the channel to win, from positioning marketing to category breakout, product empowerment has become the slogan of the current ingenuity.

To this end, the industry's authoritative media, Ceramic Information and, which will promote the steady development of the ceramics industry, will launch the 2018 China Ceramic Tile Industry Summit Forum with the theme of “Product Empowerment to See the Future”. The lecture hall mode is to build a link platform for the industry to build a message, and to bring the value to the foggy ceramic industry.
Sincerely invite you to take the time to attend the event!

Time: 2:00-5:30 pm


Add: 3rd Floor, Meeting room, CCIH, Zibo

  • 800x800mm Negative Ion Fullbody Tiles
  • Fontana Grey And Beige Floor Tile
  • 900x1800mm/ 36x72'' Polished Tiles
  • Cement Gray Matte Tiles
  • Cheap 600x600mm Polished Tiles
  • Marble Look 1:1 Granite Tiles

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