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It Is Necessary That To Stick Floor Tile Install A Wave Guide Line?

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  It is necessary that to stick floor tile install a wave guide line?

  Transmission line and someone called wave line, line, yarn, etc, its design is rich, is commonly used in porch, corridor or the charge line of ceramic tile, etc., but in our daily life, often can see some people at home, but there are a lot of people don't home, so it is necessary to install waveguide line at home? floor tile If you want to install should be how to match? Need to pay attention to? The following is to tell you in detail.

  A, the action of transmission line

  1, ornamental

  In many is decorated in, may the ground is the same, no change, so look over whole the sense that gives a person is monotonous, boring, empty, so this time if use waveguide line, on the vision has conflict, look more levels on the ground, with artistic flavor more, have more sense of beauty;

  2, have the effect that separated regions

  In addition to the lighting, partition, floor tile transmission line can also have the effect of the separated regions, many people will usually do waveguide line in dining-room and sitting room, also do waveguide line or porch corridor, to divide the area, and enhance the effect of dimensional feeling;

  3, prominent theme style

  Because of wave lineup style a lot, so are generally choose corresponding style guide line, such as Chinese style, general waveguide line can match with Chinese style elements such as swastika glyph guide line, let the more prominent theme style;

  Second, how to measure you want loaded waveguide line, the other need to pay attention to what?

  1, the area size

  Home area is small, such as the sitting room area is small, it is not loaded waveguide line, or a put furniture, not only block transmission line, floor tile also can let a sitting room looks more small;

  2, use the carpet

  If the sitting room carpet use collocation, there would be no need loaded waveguide line, because carpet a cover up, can't see anything, floor tile so have a little redundant;

  3, loaded waveguide line can save brick, is actually a misunderstanding

  Now to ceramic tile stores, many sales will probably tell you installed transmission line, can save 10% of the brick, this is actually a wrong view, because generally experienced master bricklayer tile by a corner to stick up, floor tile  then the result only need cutting two wall brick, if installed transmission line, equivalent to a small space in this space is divided again, the need to cut ceramic tile is more and more pieces, so more brick, more expensive, and more time consuming;

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