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Select Floor Tiles Tricks

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  Select floor tiles Tricks:

  First of all, different space, the requirements of the brick is not the same, we should pay attention to the choice of special areas of the brick. Such as the kitchen floor tiles, bathroom tiles have to pick glazed tiles, can be anti-oil, anti-fouling, anti-skid, anti-stain.

  1. Living room suitable for brick

  Living room environment by the temperature, pollution is relatively small, relatively speaking, is relatively good environment, the functional requirements of the tile itself is not very high, the only need to pay attention to is based on the living room of light, personal preferences to choose the specific color, Tiles optional. Because the surface of the tiles is bright, it is beautiful and has high abrasion resistance, but there are shortcomings such as single color, easy to slip, easy to slip and easy to penetrate color liquid. floor tiles This kind of brick is generally larger, mainly used in living room, Bathroom and kitchen and other places of water. Living room with the most is 500 * 500 and 600 * 600 tiles, if the living room area of 40 square meters or more, consider the use of 800 * 800 tiles. Small area, floor tiles too large pavement when the loss of large, does not look good.

  2. Kitchen, bathroom, balcony suitable for brick

  The kitchen wall is generally selected for the light-colored walls of the majority, because the kitchen gives the feeling is clean, clean, relaxed, pleasant, too deep color will appear somewhat depressed, bright tiles better clean up the dirt. If you consider the use of matt brick for the kitchen wall, then the best choice of the surface is flat, do not use those who have a sense of concavity, mainly to facilitate scrub. floor tiles There is no fumes in the bathroom, the choice of wall to be more, what they like to use what.

  3. Kitchen, bathroom, balcony and other regional tiles

  These areas because of the water more, it is easy to slippery surface. Should use matt non-slip tiles. Specifications recommended 300 × 300 or 330 × 330, bathroom and kitchen area is relatively small, large tiles do not look good, the other floor of the ground to the tip of the tilt to facilitate the flow of water, large size tiles on the slope is not good. Color, try to use dark, because the kitchen bathroom floor often water, water and dust and together is mud, mud is dark. If the ground is light, especially ugly. floor tiles If you warm the home to warm, it is recommended that you all use tiles, tiles, thermal conductivity than the superior flooring, wood thermal conductivity is very low. Most of the floor tiles are more environmentally friendly than most flooring products are much better.

  Also belong to glazed tiles, buy glazed tiles when the main inspection factory date, floor tiles grade and color number, shipped home after the vertical release.

  • Glazed Matte Floor Tiles
  • 800x800 mm Full Body Marble Effect Floor Tiles
  • High Gloss Polished Tiles
  • Thick Glass Micro Crystal Porcelain Floor Tiles
  • Concrete Gray Floor Tiles
  • Permeable Brick Pavers

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