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There Are Many Varieties Of Floor Tiles

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  There are many varieties of Floor tiles, there is a lot of room for selection, according to the material can be divided into glazed tiles, quintana brick (anti-skid brick), polished tiles, tiles and so on. Floor tiles A ground decoration material. Made of clay. Specifications variety. Quality Kennedy, small capacity, pressure wear, can moisture. After the glaze treatment, play a decorative role. Mostly for public buildings and civil buildings on the ground and floor.

  Floor tiles as a large area of the laying of the ground material, the use of their own color, texture to create a different style of the living room environment. Bricks on the market are very complete, according to their own budget and preferences to choose the brand, according to the style of the room design to select the appropriate style of tiles. Brightly colored tiles decorated modern home life, calm and simple glazed tiles on the Chinese-style, European-style room complement each other, mosaic of different materials, different stitching for the use of the room to add thousands of style, and innovative ideas, good temperament The tiles and play the role of finishing touch.

  Uses: suitable for square, living room, bathroom, balcony, shopping malls, office buildings, residential and so on.

  Floor tiles are divided into three categories: glazed tiles, porcelain tiles, parquet tiles.

  Pick the steps

  The first step: see whether the glaze with pinholes, spots, glazed texture, with or without color;

  The second step: to see whether the tile deformation, measuring the two diagonal tiles are equal;

  The third step: see the tile water absorption, with water droplets on the back of the brick, the smaller the diffusion area, the longer the drying time, the lower the water absorption, the better the quality;

  Step 4: listen to the sound, Floor tiles hand knock on the tiles, the sound the more crisp, the better the quality;

  Step five: weigh the weight, the heavier the weight, the better the texture;

  The sixth step: out of the box inspection, Floor tiles the different products will be a pumping, tile to see whether the color, size size.

  • Glazed Matte Floor Tiles
  • High Gloss Polished Tiles
  • Glazed Polished Porcelain Tiles
  • Marble Look Floor Tiles with Golden Lines
  • 600x900 mm Full Body Marble Tiles
  • Satin Tile

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