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There Are Two Methods Of Floor Tiles

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  There are two methods of floor tiles, dry flooring and wet bottom pavement, dry flooring method for living room, bedroom space, and wet shop for bathroom and kitchen, and with the wall shop Law is relatively similar. So what is the difference between the two kinds of paving the way, which kind of paving way better?

  In general, the dry shop is more able to reduce the emptiness than the wet shop, but the dry shop is more expensive than the wet shop, which mainly involves a gravel problem. And the tiles used between different regions are also different.

  Tile dry or wet paved, depends on the ground decoration materials varieties, floor tiles specifications, design, construction technology and modeling and other factors.

  Drying method and its craft

  Dry shop method is to use dry hard mortar, dry hard cement mortar is relatively low slump cement mortar, that is, when mixing less water. "Hand into a group, landing blossom." Preparation of mortar by cement: sand = 1: 2-1: 3 Preparation of dry hard cement mortar, add water to the mortar hand into a group, floor blossom is appropriate.

  Tiles in theory should be used dry shop method, the grass-roots watering, remove the floating sand, debris. The use of one to three dry cement mortar, in accordance with the level of exploration and leveling, the brick on the mortar with a rubber hammer Zhenzhi, remove the ground brick pouring water slurry, then the floor tile can be flat The

  Ground brick using dry shop method more costly, high technical content, so the general dry shop method is much higher than the cost of wet shop method, floor tiles and the thickness of the dry shop will be relatively large.

  Therefore, the dry shop method is generally used for large size tiles laying.

  Wet shop and its process

  The so-called wet shop, refers to the volume of cement and sand according to the ratio of 1: 5-1: 4 to reconcile into a soft wet cement mortar, suitable for mosaic, small glazed tiles, ceramic tiles and broken stone and other quality requirements relatively simple ground Paving, generally in the ground decoration materials cheap, process requirements are not very detailed use of the case.

  Wet shop method is a lot of home improvement owners commonly used paving method. Wall shop paving are used wet shop. The difference between this process and the dry shop method is that the 1: 3 dry cement mortar is replaced by ordinary water and cement mortar.

  The use of wet floor of the ground may produce hollowing and bubbles, affecting the life of the floor tiles. But the thickness of the wet shop will be thinner than the dry pavement, save space, and wet shop method is simple, low prices, floor tiles such as kitchen bathroom and other small area of space, the ground is generally wet shop method.

  the difference

  Dry shop and wet shop is only a different construction process.

  Dry shop is easier to leveling, but easy because the formation of the layer is not flat to produce hollowing, the need for construction workers have a higher sense of responsibility. Wet shop because the cement mortar consistency is low, the construction process is not easy leveling, suitable for smaller size of the laying of tiles, not easy to empty drums.

  Now tile is generally wet wall tiles, tiles dry shop. Dry shop than the wet shop can improve work efficiency, but the dry shop than the wet shop can reduce the hollow drum that is not necessarily. The key is to operate the workers of their different construction technology is skilled, such as the ground floor is not smooth, then use the wet shop is easy to make the mortar when the paste thickness uneven.

  Mortar shrinkage stress is inconsistent and easily lead to hollowing, like this base if the use of dry shop effect than the wet paved. If the dry shop process is not better than the wet laying drums higher rate. The reason is that the ground floor wetting is not enough, making the cement mortar dehydration too fast, floor tiles resulting in grass and mortar mortar adhesion decreased, mud dry, can not afford to stick.

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