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Three Reasons For Discoloration After Wall Tiles

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  Three reasons for discoloration after wall tiles

  Paved with good wall tiles, found that the color is not the same, or deep or shallow. Obviously buy time to determine the color again and again, how could this phenomenon? Xiaobian finishing the wall bricks after a good color change, you can condemnation.

  Wall water problem

  Wall tiles are a certain degree of water absorption, if the shop before the uneven water, or do not bubble shop, will cause late color problems.

  Soak the number of water will also affect the bubble once the water of the new brick and bubble twice the water after the tile paste the color is different, so it is recommended to shop before the bubble must be full, uniform, and how much bubble.

  The color difference caused by replenishment

  In the construction process, the first purchase of the number of tiles, the second purchase, in which case there will be color problems. Because the tiles are part of the mass production, and is high temperature firing, different temperatures will affect the color of the tile, the production line is too long, even if the technology is mature, can not guarantee no color tiles. Workers will be picking, classification, the same color number, the same batch will have color problems, not to mention the same color number, different batches of it?

  When buying tiles must be calculated a good number, it is best to buy some, in order to avoid the phenomenon of ceramic tile, more to avoid the second purchase, because the same color number is different batches caused by color problems. Even if the second purchase, before paving must be sure that the color is consistent.

  And the location of the tile paving

  Wall after the water will change the color, paving the location of different positions will affect the water inside the tiles, from the window is relatively close to or can take care of the sun, with the relative ventilation is not good and shady, tile color will be different , But this color will disappear with the disappearance of moisture in the tiles.

  In the selection of tiles, to choose low water absorption, wall tiles waterproof performance of the tiles; bathroom more attention to ventilation.

  Wall seepage

  This situation usually occurs in the bathroom, this is because the renovation of the waterproofing project is not done, wall tiles the wall there is a water problem, the walls of the wall of the wall color appears to be relatively deep.

  Wall waterproof layer should be the top, to prevent water vapor, fog into the wall; ground waterproof layer at least brush three times to prevent the wall moldy, leaking and other issues; in the bathroom before paving tiles, be sure to do closed water experiment , If the closed-water experiment has a little flaws, do not begrudge, wall tiles be sure to rework red.

  Know the wall after the patch of color after the cause and effect of the next, as far as possible to avoid these problems.

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