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Why Does Floor Tile Want To Remain Seam?

- Sep 05, 2017 -

  Why does floor tile want to remain seam?

  The floor tile has the problem of heat expansion and shrinkage

  Floor Tiles, and stickup Floor Tiles cement mortar will exist the problem of heat bilges cold shrink, in the process of temperature or humidity change, Floor Tiles and cement mortar has certain scale, if not sew, can lead to appear in the process of the Floor Tiles in the later use the drum or cracking.

  The Floor Tiles product has normal error

  Though Floor Tiles are now mechanized production, but in the process of production, there is a certain size error (error is too large to product quality problem), if not sew, prone to shop sticks Floor Tiles seam not level off, the influence of Floor Tiles after the shop is stuck and beautiful.

  There are errors in the construction of construction workers

  Tile brick belongs to very high proficiency in a construction project, workers in the course of the shop is stuck, can't completely do the shop is stuck every piece of brick without error, workers in a bad mood, day and night, different situation, such as shop sticks Floor Tiles, its effect will have difference, if no seam, also it is difficult to ensure that Floor Tiles juncture, flat, influence of the beautiful sex of tile shop sticks.

  It is more convenient to maintain the replacement

  In the practical process after tiling, it is inevitable that the damage should be replaced because of the pipeline maintenance. If it is left with a seam, it will be easier and easier to replace.

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