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Company: Zibo J&C Tile
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  • Digital Printing High Gloss Polished Porcelain Tiles

    Digital Printing High Gloss Polished Porcelain Tiles

    For either commercial or residential places, glazed polished porcelain tiles are more durable. Being one of the biggest tiles suppliers, we have a wide range of this full polished porcelain tiles...

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  • 95°Glossiness Marble Tiles

    95°Glossiness Marble Tiles

    Basic Information for High Glossy Marble Flooring: Type: Tiles Place of Origin: Shandong ,China (Mainland ) Brand Name: J&C TILE Model Number: JB10376 Size: 600x600mm Material:Porcelain Tiles...

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  • Stone Effect Polishing Tiles

    Stone Effect Polishing Tiles

    Basic Information: Type: Tiles Place of Origin: Shandong ,China (Mainland ) Brand Name: J&C TILE Model Number: AN10530 Size: 600x600mm Material:Porcelain Tiles Usage:Interior Tiles...

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  • Marble Look 1:1 Granite Tiles

    Marble Look 1:1 Granite Tiles

    Want to make your environment looks more luxury, stylish and elegant with effect of natural marble but with less cost and without boresome daily maintenance? We have new marble tiles with golden...

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  • Sidewalk Bricks

    Sidewalk Bricks

    Sidewalk bricks Application place - plaza, public square, municipal works, park, Driveway, piazza, villa, lanes, yard, garden, parking lot. Plaza bricks Sidewalker, municipal works ---- in our...

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  • Sanitary Glossy Subway Tiles

    Sanitary Glossy Subway Tiles

    It has been a trend for years that using subway tiles in hardworking places like kitchen and bathroom. Easy to clean, stain-resistant and light reflective, high gloss subway tiles captured our...

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  • Natural Stone Tiles

    Natural Stone Tiles

    28°Natural finish tiles, which are also known as silk touch porcelain tiles are a new trend since year 2017 and prevails worldwide soon. Silk touch porcelain tiles have same porcelain body but are...

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  • 300x900mm Wall Tiles

    300x900mm Wall Tiles

    Wall tiles have become a necessity for modern house decoration as they are easy to maintain and provide us a surface which is resilient to both heat and cold. All our 300x900mm wall tiles have...

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  • Nano Flooring Tiles

    Nano Flooring Tiles

    For today’s tiles production, more than 95% are produced with digital printing, or known as inkjet printing.But do you know clearly what is inkjet printing for tiles ? Definition: Ink-jet printing...

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  • Satin Tile

    Satin Tile

    Wood effect tiles are always a hot selection when we decorate our rooms. Most traditional wood tiles are rough finish with mould effect which are not so easy to be cleaned. To save your time in...

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  • Concrete Gray Floor Tiles

    Concrete Gray Floor Tiles

    Welcome! Concrete gray tiles have become a new decoration style, especially for young people. We have a huge selection for beautiful concrete flooring tiles ranging from light gray to dark gray....

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  • Slate Floor Tiles

    Slate Floor Tiles

    Slate Floor Tiles : GREY SLATE S66101 600X600MM 24’’X24’’ This Grey Slate Tiles are naturally slip-resistant and can be placed for both commercial and residential areas. The rustic appearance is...

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